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Iniciativa em destaque

Economia de Transição

Somos uma Rede Social, com mais de 6.000 membros, focada no projeto ENERGizar.pt.

Misturamos essencialmente conceitos de Empreendedorismo Social com Modelos e Projetos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Permacultura, Transição, EBC, BCSD, B Corp) desde janeiro de 2009, porque como diz Peter Druker, a melhor forma de prever o futuro, é criá-lo!

    I am happy and exited to be a part of this group with beautiful people and great souls. I am currently living in San Diego but will be heading back to Portugal in the middle of March to continue making my dream a reality.

For the past year I have become very interested in Permaculture design and the philosophy behind it. I have a growing interest in plant medicine and the beneficial properties of plants growing in the region I will be developing.

I will be located near a tiny village in tràs os montes called Soutelo Mourisco where only my grandmother and two other people reside. The land that we are working on is a beautiful prairie, with a nice creek going through surrounded by nature and a peaceful energy.

The last couple of years we have been trying to accomplish as much as we could on our own but it is time to let other people teach us so much we don't know.

I am trying to learn as much as I can to build a sustainable place with permaculture principles but there is so much I have yet to learn so if anyone here has the knowledge to help me design a plan I would more than happy to meet you and learn from you.

I am still developing my website so I should be posting it here soon.

I am still very unfamiliar with this platform and how to use it wisely so if anyone can help me find my way it would be greatly appreciated.

I am fluent in Portuguese too ;) just easier for me to write in English.

Muito obrigado a todos e tudo de bom.

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