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Andy Jordan
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Hoping to get a team together to organise walks across central Portugal. The idea is to guide a group through the most scenic and interesting parts of this region, starting somewhere around Lousa and ending deep in the Serra Estrella. I need lots of help, so get in touch if this sounds like fun to you. I also need places to stop along the way, preferably places where permaculture can be demonstrated, food can be grown to feed the walkers, and basic facilities can be installed [solar showers, compost toilets, camp kitchen]. The aim is to provide walkers with an environmentally sound and educational alternative to conventional walking tours.

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Às 2:44 em 15 dezembro 2011, Andre Correia disse...
Li ontem num jornal de dia 4 de Dezembro.
Suspeita-se que esteja relacionado com os problemas cardiacos de que sofria, embora as circunstâncias em que o encontraram sejam um pouco macabras.
:( Abraço
Às 0:29 em 15 dezembro 2011, Rodrigo Borges disse...

Hi Friendy! Some rain here but not too bad weather. I went mushrooming today, saw a few big ones, but got nothing to eat :( Abraço.

Às 23:31 em 14 dezembro 2011, Andre Correia disse...

Hi Andy!
I think it's my duty to make sure that everyone in this network that might have known Fraser Cairns is informed that he left us.
Sorry that I didn't have another way to tell you.

Às 13:05 em 28 julho 2011, Radcarper disse...

Hi Andy, no worries let me know when your over this way again. Got a woofer mid august but plenty of room and accomodation. Harvesting hard and lots of cooking preparing for the winter, everything very abundant and hectic.

Anyway see you soon



Às 20:02 em 25 julho 2011, Radcarper disse...
Hi Andy,
Your very welcome ive got no phone and not planning on leaving the farm till maybe thursday, head to govea roundabout and take N22 to Mangualde, once you cross the mondego up hill till Contecas de Baixo and take first right towards Povoa de Cervaes, after 100 yards right again direction povoa de cervaes, when you arrive in Povoa you will see a parking central square area, its a real small village, leave your car there and im 3km from there down a terrible track ill pick you up if you can email me a time and date or its quinta de gama, right out the c entral area towards mountains, take first right again onto dirt tranck and keep following downhill, always downhill till you reach the river and my place, very little credit left but ill sign off now and sign on again tomorrow night if you want to let me know when youll be here and ill pick you up,
Cheers hope to see you
Às 15:00 em 18 junho 2011, Radcarper disse...
Hi Andy, Yes im close to Mangualde on the banks of the Mondego river, got plenty of tent accomodation for up to 20 people plus, and always looking for new ways to share the project. Im trying to go off grid, perpaculture led self sufficient with non violent non compliance to the system. Im running the land with chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats, mainly alone but with occasional help from volunteers that find me through my blog which is linked up on my page on this sight. Let me know if your interested in talking further, visiting or what your up to,  All the best Fraser
Às 7:08 em 7 junho 2011, Aiko disse...
Complete change of plans..land search is now in the north, near Geres!  I look forward to meeting you and Ana will keep you posted..Big Hug
Às 19:36 em 6 junho 2011, Aiko disse...
Hi Andy!!  You met my admin./partner Ana Paula!!  Hooray!!!  I'll explain next time..where are you at the moment?
Em 11:24am on dezembro 30, 2010, FLORॐ DEॐ LISॐ: deu para Andy Jordan um presente...
ORAÇÃO DE SÃO FRANCISCO DE ASSIS Senhor, fazei de mim um instrumento de vossa paz,feliz 2011
Às 11:44 em 4 outubro 2010, Maurício d'O FOJO disse...
Hey Andy! Hope to see you soon here or there! Big hug!

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