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World Clean Up 2012

1 novo movimento cívico está a espalhar-se por todo o mundo, com ambição tão desmedida quanto o é querer limpar todas as lixeiras ilegais do mundo, envolvendo um mínimo de 100 países e milhões de pessoas na Acção de Limpeza do Mundo 2012.

Site: http://www.letsdoitworld.org/en
Local: Planeta Terra
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Última atividade: 8 Fev, 2013

Let's get together 300 million people
and clean up 100 million tons of waste!

24 de Julho de 2011 13:35

Mensagem de Toomas Trapido (LDIW - Core Team) via e-mail:

Dear friends,

We are building up the knowledge team, that should know everything about the garbage and in the world :)
Elena Rastei from Romania volunteered and here is her intro:
"I believe that "Let's do it" movement has great potential to become one of the stepping stones in the global transition towards sustainability; a platform that will  provide a collaborative environment and also deliver sustainable solutions to political and business leaders.
My inspiration is Kenneth Boulding's 1965 statement: [...] ‘in a space ship, there are no sewers’; This fuels my determination to further research potential solutions and sustainable strategies for all the areas related to the built environment, including waste management [...].
I'm happy to be joining you!"
Welcome, Elena!
And anyone, who is willing to contribute, please contact me. I hope we'll get more serious in August, now it's a bit too summer and hot..



Esta é a mais recente Acção de Limpeza que teve lugar na Roménia:

Fórum de discussão


Iniciado por Sara Alves. Última resposta de Luís Amaral 8 Ago, 2012. 1 Resposta

Olá, gostaria muito de participar nesta iniciativa de limpar Portugal, apesar de nem sempre cá estar pois trabalho sasionalmente em França na agricultura mas, como não tenho certezas sobre datas em…Continuar

World Clean Up 2012 - 500.000 Voluntários em Portugal!!!!

Iniciado por Luís Amaral. Última resposta de Luís Amaral 13 Jan, 2012. 35 Respostas

Em 2010 fizemos uma espécie de "ensaio geral"... Éramos pouco mais de 50.000.Achas que vamos conseguir multiplicar esse número por 10?O que pensas que deve ser feito para nos juntarmos ao resto do…Continuar

Limpar o Mundo 2012 - Mapa de GRUPOS

Iniciado por Luís Amaral 5 Out, 2011. 0 Respostas

Caros amigosTemos uma novidade absolutamente fantástica no que se refere à colocação num MAPA MUNDIAL dos GRUPOS que vão…Continuar

Caixa de Recados


Você precisa ser um membro de World Clean Up 2012 para adicionar comentários!

Comentário de Luís Amaral em 5 janeiro 2012 às 1:35


Comentário de Luís Amaral em 5 janeiro 2012 às 0:37

Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • 5th of January at 15.00 -  meeting about filming at the conference in Momentum office, Tallinn.
  • 10th of January at 18.00 -  meeting for the photographers covering the conference.
  • 11th of January at 18.00 - meeting of regional coordinators in Olümpia, Tallinn.
  • From the 12th to the 15th of January - LDIW conference in Tallinn.

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!

Communication and marketing

  • We are busy preparing for the conference - producing videos and other materials, inviting journalists from all over the world to come and cover the conference.
  • On 10th of January we will send out another international press release in different languages to the international media.
  • Press conference will be held on 12th of January at 15.00- 16.00 in Radisson Blue Hotel Olümpia, conference room Alfa.
  • An article about the Let's Do It! movement and World Cleanup 2012 will be published in Economist next week!
  • The team is also busy with preparing for the conference.
  • We thanked LDIW partners with self made candles and also sent greetings.
  • Have been writing reports for different organizations and the government.
Comentário de Luís Amaral em 3 janeiro 2012 às 20:20

Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • From the 12th to the 15th of January - LDIW conference in Tallinn. We are looking forward seeing you here!:)

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!


  • Cote d'Ivoire is active -  they had the first cleanup on the 17th of December. It was organized by NGO JVE-CI in cooperation with the Regional Section of Yopougon Association of Catholic Scouts Côte d'Ivoire. Thank you to the initiator Augustin!
  • Lebanon team is active. Lebanon is going to clean on the 6th of May 2012. They are making LDIW logo and FB page.There are also 4 people coming to the conference in Tallinn from Lebanon.
  • Malaysia has a FB page> http://www.facebook.com/letsdoitmsia?sk=wall.
  • They are crating a new FB group in Egypt.
  • AXA in Spain is interested in cooperation with LDIW. The workers of AXA are going to clean, if there is a cleanup.
  • If some of you have contacts in Israel, please let Kadi (kadi@letsdoitworld.org) know!
  • Kerti (the coordinator of Thailand) made a small tour in Thailand and introduced LDIW in many places.
  • There is a new member in the team - welcome to Tauno!

Comentário de Luís Amaral em 15 dezembro 2011 às 1:21

Its 101 days to the beginning of cleanup!

This week's news are short but still important:)!

Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • 15th of December - big press release.Global PR team will send out a message to the international media about the fact that there are 100 days to the cleanup. They are also sending out information about the conference in Tallinn that gathers representatives of all the LDIW countries.
  • 16th of  December at 18.00 - meeting of regional communicators in Tartu (Magasini 3). The other team members in Tartu are also welcome to join! Contact Mariliis if you have any questions (mariliis@letsdoitworld.org).

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!


  • The team of Uruguay has started to plan their cleanup this week - all the best!
  • Mali is going to clean with us from the 24th of May to the 27th of May!
  • Lebanon has joined with the cleanup! They are also coming to the conference in January.
  • Scotland has joined with the cleanup as well!


  • Auli and Ahti have been working on country statuses and now you can easily see planned cleanups and country statuses (also on the map) on our webpage - http://www.letsdoitworld.org/countries. Go check it out and see if your country is listed and all data up to date! If no, let us know by email either directly (mapping@letsdoitworld.org) or via your country coordinator. This is also very important due to the fact that we are preparing a brand new design to our website, with a plan to launch it sometime in January.

Communication and marketing

  • Tiina and Rainer had a small side-event in USA today. They took up the opportunity to introduce Let's Do It! movement and World Cleanup 2012 in the discussions leading up to Rio climate change conference next summer. Hopefully this event will able us to spread the word about our mission and action and will bring us some new  supporters and help. We will let you know how it all goes!
Comentário de Luís Amaral em 14 dezembro 2011 às 13:16

Aqui temos INVITATION%20GLOBAL%20CLEANUP%202012.pdf o documento que a Tiina Urm envia hoje, com informação que nos dá a perfeita dimensão da importância que o Let's Do It - World Cleanup 2012 assume para o Governo Estónio, na sua estratégia de notoriedade e intervenção global

P Gosto desta iniciativa não só pelos seus ideiais, mas também pelos ensinamentos que dela podemos extrair em termos de metodologia e trabalho colaborativo. Os nossos amigos Estónios estão a escrever História.

A nossa missão é ler essa história enquanto está a ser escrita, ao mesmo tempo que dela participamos activamente e interiorizamos valores e metodologias.

Um enorme Obrigado à Tiina, Rainer, Tomas, Nara e a TODOS os que um dia decidiram SER AQUELES DE QUEM ESTAVAM À ESPERA.

Comentário de Luís Amaral em 7 dezembro 2011 às 15:38

Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • Today – Skype meeting at 20.00 (Estonian time).

  • 8th of December – Big communication team meeting in Olümpia, Tallinn at 18.00.

  • 10th of December – Big communication team meeting in Cafe Pierre, Tartu at 17.00.

  • 12th of December - Big team meeting in Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn at 19.00 – everybody is welcome!

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!


  • Martin Põld is going to initiate the cleanup in Leicestershire, UK.

  • Warwick in London is going to organize the cleanup in their district.

  • Tatjana (the coordinator of Russia) managed to find some good people who are going to translate LDIW materials into Russian. We are also working on making a version of LDIW web page for Russian speaking countries.

  • Venera Smirnova is going to help Tatjana with coordinating in Russia. Welcome to Venera!

  • We are going to send out the first newsletter in Russian within this month. At first it will be sent to Russian activists and journalists.

  • There was a meeting of the coordinators of Russian speaking countries last week – it was inspiring. There is also another new member in the team – welcome to Artur!

  • There are teams in action in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

  • The team of India has registered themselves to the conference in January.

  • There are teams in Austria and Hungary. We are still spreading the word in Switzerland to find initiators.

  • There team of Netherlands is making plans and founding an NGO.

  • If you have contacts who are willing to help with the cleanup in South-America, please let Ülle know (ulle@letsdoitworld.org).

  • The team is being created in Germany.


  • Had a meeting with the Estonian agency of NATO today.

  • Also had a meeting with the head of EAS today.

  • We have a new member in financial department – welcome to Ülle! She is going to deal with the private funds (- apply for money). Everybody who has some good ideas about the private funds where we should ask money, please contact Ülle (ylle@kaksikud.ee)

  • We are going to make another application to the Open Estonian Foundation and we are also going to rewrite the application for EAS.

Communication and marketing

  • We are making cooperation with EBU(European Broadcasting Union) and ERR News to share the LDIW news with them on the regular basis.

  • The newsletter will come out next week.

  • Tiina and Rainer will be in New York next week. They will be meeting with journalists and representatives of media channels.

  • Regional communicators are working together with regional coordinators to spread the word about LDIW in regional media.

  • Global PR team will send out a message to the international media (on the 15th of December!) about the fact that there are 100 days to the cleanup. They are also sending out information about the conference in Tallinn that gathers representatives of all the LDIW countries. The message will be also sent to all the team members on the 12th of December so we could share it with our contacts and different channels.

If you want an access to some particular info please write to Liine (liine@letsdoitworld.org).

Comentário de Luís Amaral em 30 novembro 2011 às 22:53


Find this week's news below!

Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • From the 28th of November to the 9th of December - 17th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Durban, Africa.

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!


  • The team members of Netherlands were in Tallinn – they introduced their plan - “Let's Do It Oceans”. Willem De Jong from Netherlands and Rainer Nõlvak went to Brussels where they also talked about the plan of dealing with the garbage in the sea.

  • In Russia the team members are starting to prepare for the clean-up this December. The team is probably going to set the date of the clean-up then as well.

  • Our LDIW friends in Russia got a first place in the eco-project contest with their project that was inspired by LDIW. Congratulations!

  • Venezuela is preparing and making plans for the cleanup day on the 8th of July.

  • We have a project manager in Nova Scotia, Canada – Neil Bailey!

  • The city of Kelowna in Canada has its own cleanup-up program Adopt-A-Road. Liina has contact with them.


  • Had a meeting with the members of Estonian Parliament – Tõnis Kõiv and Imre Sooäär.

  • Had a meeting with academic Alexander S Spirin.

  • Invited the president of Estonia to our Conference in January.

  • Marie and Rainer visited NATO's HQ in Brussels to introduce WC2012 . They also met with the representatives of the organization ARC+.

  • Candle making went well – we now have nice self-made candles for our partners.


  • Ahti has been working on mapping software and together with server upgrade works we now have a much faster and better wastemap - check it out at www.letsdoitworld.org/wastemap.

  • More news on more mapping updates and website coming soon.

Comentário de Luís Amaral em 23 novembro 2011 às 16:31

Mais um update da informação sobre a organização da limpeza do PLaneta em 2012, enviado pela Mariliis Tago mariliis@letsdoitworld.org:

Dear all,

I hope you are all feeling excited about the upcoming year of LDIW 2012! There is not too much time left :).

Find the news below!


Important dates and upcoming meetings

  • 23rd of November - Skype meeting at 20.00.

  • 25th to 27th of November - Environmental Trade Show in Tartu, Estonia. We are also promoting World Cleanup 2012 in our box. You are welcome to join!

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well – here!



  • Let’s Clean Up Albania in one day is taking place on the 9th of May!

  • Croatia is cleaning on the 23rd of March 2012!

  • The LDIW video in Russian is now ready!

  • The Russian team is going to have a LDIW 2012 introducing event.

  • The team of LDIW is gathering in Thailand. The Regent's School in Pattaya is initiating LDIW Thailand. They have contacts in the whole country. They are probably clean in April 2012. Find their Facebook page here!

  • The main team of Indonesia has 39 members – the team is really active. They are giving interviews and dealing with different issues. At the moment the main action is going on in Yogya but we are having negotiations with other regions as well.

  • There are people coming to the LDIW Conference in Tallinn from Philippines.

Marketing and Communication

  • New members in marketing team: please welcome Ann as ambassador coordinator, Marko, Marek, Ragnar and Gerty from agency Yell as our new design and creative force, Kristo who is responsible for advertising materials, WMG as online media partner, Infovara as visual info graphic partner.

  • Advertising campaign will start in March. We are looking for famous opinion leaders worldwide. If anybody has any contact which can lead us to some world famous people, let Ann, ann@letsdoitworld.org or Astrid, asti.boning@gmail.com (if we talk about musicians) know!

  • Promoting World Cleanup 2012 at Environmental Trade Show in Tartu this weekend.

  • New structure and design for letsdoitworld.org webpage is coming.


Comentário de Luís Amaral em 17 outubro 2011 às 11:34
Comentário de Luís Amaral em 5 outubro 2011 às 23:35
Mais actualizações das actividades do Let's Do It!
Rolando... sempre...

Dear all,

here are the news of this week.

1. Important dates and upcoming meetings

· 6th of October – meeting of regional coordinators in Tallinn, Olümpia Hotel (hall called Zeta 1) at 18.00.

· 6th of October – meeting of new possible team members of regional communication team and regional coordinators in Tartu, Ülikooli 18 at 18.00.

· 7th of October – meeting-discussion on the topic of involving Estonians in waste mapping in Sakala 17, Tallinn at 17.00.

· 8th of October - our Nigerian team-mates are going to clean up Surulere in Lagos with about 2000 volunteers! This is an exciting kick-start for Let’s Do It, Nigeria! 2012. We wish the organizers and volunteers the best of luck!  In case you are interested in Nigerian cleanup, don’t hesitate to contact nigeria@letsdoitworld.org. No questions will be left unanswered ;)

· 10th of October – Limpa Brazil! in São Paulo – best of luck!

Have a look at our Intranet calendar as well –


2. Regionals

· A warm welcome to all the new team members – Maris, Piret, Anete, Lisandra, Mari and Kadri!

· By now all the 11 countries of Balkan region have been included in LDIW 2012 – this is amazing!

· Kosovo is cleaning on May 24th, 2012, Bulgaria is cleaning on April 21st, 2012 and Slovenia is cleaning on March 24th, 2012!

· Montenegro has joined LDIW – hello to Maja Bakic (www.nvucak.com)!

· We have another Balkan coordinator – Piret – she is going to communicate with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

· Montenegro, Kosovo, Moldova, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Albania have agreed on making LDIW video clips.

· A new NGO will be founded in Nepal. Within this NGO, there is a special section for LDIW – the team members are Mr. Prabin Paudel, Mr. Surya Kanta Paudel and Mr. Binod Thapa.

· Clean Up Britain ( www.cleanupbritain.org) has reacted to our call.

· PeopleProfitPlanet ( www.peopleprofitplanet.co.uk/) has shown interest to join us. Also, Swindon has shown interest in us.

· Kerti (the coordinator of Thailand) had a meeting with Neil Quailiga from Phuket Gazette.

· We have found a person who is willing to help us with cleaning up in Uruguay.

· Philippines is cleaning on September 15th, 2012 . There is an organizer already and the website will be ready soon. The contact person is Roald Arcangel roald.arcangel@gmail.com.

· We have a good contact with one organization of DRC - "TCC/ONGD/DRC - « Tous contre le changement climatique, All against Climate Change »". They are interested in LDIW. DRC is cleaning on May 10th, 2012.

· LDIW will be represented to media and different groups in Mauritius this week. There will be special webpage, FB page and Twitter account.

· There is a contact in Lesotho.


3. Communication

· Timo Lige wrote a song (in Estonian) about LDIW. Listen to it here !
· Find the new videos teaching how to map here: http://www.letsdoitworld.org/mapthewaste
· Ahti is speaking about waste mapping this Saturday on Kuku Radio (in Estonian), Restart from 16:00 to 17:00.

· The advertising campaign in Estonian media starts on the 10th of October.


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