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ola todos

happy to see people responding to this idea so positively! welcome to the group and please excuse my inability to write in portuguese.

I agree with Caterina about this being open to all travellers, not just walkers. the idea is to open channels between people who can help each other and allow them to act as a combined force, the ideal can be a link formed with tracks, but we already have roads and it is more important to join the dots than sticking to ideals.

i have just made Nuno an administrator, so he can translate my introduction and add his input, since he is the one who spurred me to create the group and his land will link with corga de peiriera and the hive to form the first nucleus.

i look forward to hearing from other members about where they are based, if they know of old tracks in their area, and any suggestions they have.

Talk to the people you know around you who you think might be eager to get involved.. not everyone is on this website

go for a walk and enjoy the path..

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